The Monterey Motel – ABQ, New Mexico

Where the mother road
meets modern
Calling free-spirited adventurers
to relive history in style
Vintage desert vibes +
a contemporary touch to
satisfy your inner nomad
Located near several attractions.
History, for instance.

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The Monterey Motel

Wayfarers Welcome

Experience the free-spirited adventure of the Albuquerque high desert at the Monterey Motel. Located on the historic Mother Road, we combine vintage desert vibes with a modern touch for an unforgettable journey.

The Monterey Welcome Experience

At the Monterey Motel, we believe in traveling and living uninterrupted. When you walk in, skip the traditional check-in counter and join us in the MoMo Lounge for a cool, refreshing cocktail after your journey down Route 66. Your server will handle your check-in so you can go straight from the road to relaxation.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

History of the Monterey

The Monterey Motel made its mark on the Mother Road beginning in 1946. The motel’s founder, Norman Bugg, saw the promise of Route 66 and provided travelers local hospitality along their journey down the “road to opportunity.” We invite our guests to relive and recapture that spirit of history and adventure. Tap into the unique atmosphere of Route 66 and ABQ at the Monterey Motel.

The Monterey Motel room

Connect + Explore

The Monterey Motel Stayats

Meet fellow wanderers and explorers in the Monterey Motel StayAts—unique community accommodations for travelers who want to expand their social experiences and horizons.

When you visit the Monterey, you map your own story, similar to those who have traveled before you throughout the historic Route 66 highway.

Join the journey by writing down your memories, mapping your next move, your next stay, and your personal story.

Map Your Story